We are a fully insured company and predominately get our business through refferals and recommendations. Our genuine testimonials prove our quality of work.


Here at Justflatpack you can count on getting a few different things from our staff and our company. You will receive a professional service from all staff members, who are equipped and knowledgeable to handle all of your needs. Our service comes at the high standard that you expect from using the original company who established furniture assembly in London.

Furniture Assembly LondonTrading since April of 2004, we are still using the same professional and experienced staff members and employees that started then. We know who is coming to your home because they have worked side by side with us for several years. You can trust our company and our staff in your home and they’ll build your furniture exactly how you want it and specify it at the time of your quote.

We are a fully insured company and predominately get our business through referrals and recommendations. We have many testimonials to prove our quality of work.
We are not the copycat, run of the mill ‘cheap option.’ While our prices are very competitive for the area and the market, you aren’t going to see flashy signs or rock bottom discounts coming from us. Our bricks and mortar, traditional company is not a fly by night or one with a high turnover rate like the big competitors and virtual office flatpack assembly companies. Our people are professional and we know each other. Many times, the competitor is sending people into your home for these services that they have never even met before. While most are probably fine upstanding people, they are still strangers. At our company, our professionals have been with us since the beginning and have built us up to make us what we are today. They are always prepared with every tool they need for the job as well as many spare parts and backups in the event that something is missing from the box after it is unpacked.

Our furniture assembly team will not show up via underground or on a bicycle. In fact, they will not even have a car. They will all be in our own vans clearly displayed for the most professional experience possible when it comes to adding additional furniture pieces to the décor or functioning of your home.

There are typically always 2 assemblers for the most effective and fastest service. You can trust in knowing that their job will be done quickly, correctly and they will be professional and clean. With other companies, it is usually only 1 assembler and many times that person struggles without the assistance of another person. We know that, so we prepare for all of these scenarios by sending every possible thing you will need to your home for your flatpack assembly jobs. While very rare, if there is a mishap, you can count on knowing that at Justflatpack we will work hard and take quick action to ensure that the mishap is rectified. We are not the copycat companies around town and on the internet, we are the original traditional flatpack assembly company 020 8226 4777.

We serve Greater London and all the surrounding areas, so go ahead and contact us today for your flatpacking and assembly service needs. We look forward to fitting the furniture into your home or business.

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