Which areas do you cover?

We cover Greater London and the surrounding counties. If you live in our primary operating zone you can benefit from our unbeatable delivery rates.

When do I pay?

If you require us to purchase the items on your behalf, we require payment for the items, buying, pickup and delivery prior to booking date. You will be emailed a full receipt. The assembly can be paid for after the work has been completed and you are entirely happy with the work carried out by us.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as well as cash and bank transfer. Our fitters will have a Chip & Pin terminal with them so you can pay on site in total security. Please note that unfortunately with credit card transactions there is a 3% surcharge, there is NO extra charge for UK debit card transactions.

When can you come?

We understand that it’s difficult to find time for anything these days. That’s why we work 7 days a week, 8am-9pm.

What if I want only delivery?

Not a problem! email us to get a competitive quote for our ever popular ‘Buy & Deliver’ service.

What if I want only assembly?

Not a problem! Simply contact us to arrange a suitable time.

How soon can you come?

We usually need around 7 days’ lead time, but if you need something more urgently just contact us to see what we can do.

What happens after I order?

We will contact you to confirm the booking. The next you will hear of us is when we arrive to build your furniture.

Is your work guaranteed?

Apart from the manufacturers guarantee, we guarantee our workmanship for 12 months. You can rest assured that your furniture will be built as it should be.

I want an IKEA® PAX custom designed wardrobe, can you help?

We can safely say that we are masters of our trade, and especially PAX. If you need a PAX system designed, built or modified simply contact us to arrange a free consultation. We will come with ideas, catalogues, door and handle samples and whatever is needed to help get your wardrobes exactly as you want them.

Do you only assemble IKEA® ?

Although we specialise is IKEA® furniture, we also build Argos™, John Lewis™, Debenhams™, B&Q™, Wickes™ and most other leading companies’ furniture. It all comes with our great ‘Buy, Deliver & Assemble’ service.

What if I want my furniture fixed to the wall?

We can only fix units to the wall with the consent of the homeowner. We cannot however accept any responsibility for any damage which may be caused. We would also need to know about this in advance to ensure we have the correct tools and fixings to hand. The decision to fix to any wall would be at the discretion of the fitter once he is on site.
I need a catalogue.
Take a look at Ikea’s great website, or order a catalogue here

What happens to the rubbish?

The disposal of the furniture packaging is the responsibility of the client. If you require us to dispose of the packaging in an environmentally friendly manner, an additional charge of £20 will be made.

Are you part of IKEA®?

No, we are not affiliated with IKEA® or any other company.

What if I live in the congestion charging zone?

As we do not enter the congestion charging zone on a daily basis, the charge will be passed on the the client.

What about parking?

As all our fitters arrive in our own vans parking will be necessary. Any parking costs will be added on to the final bill, the client is responsible for parking fees or visitors permits. If there is limited or no parking in front of the building, please make us aware of this at the time of ordering so we can make arrangements. Our fitters do not arrive in cars, on bicycle or by underground.

Why are you not the cheapest?

Our prices are always extremely competitive but unfortunately we can’t always be ‘cheap’. In fact, concerning our service, ‘cheap’ is not a word we like to use. You will almost always be sent a 2-man team, always in our own vans (not by bicycle, underground or their mates borrowed hatchback). Fully equipped with every tool needed, and even a host of spare parts in case there is something missing, they will be able to tackle everything. Our prices are all quoted in advance, so the cheap ‘price per hour’ is not always that cheap!

Are you a network of fitters?

No. Unlike many of our competitors, we have our own staff and are a traditional company. We are not simply a ‘virtual office’ managing part time handymen, students and out of work dentists. All our staff have been with us on a long-term basis working full time, and we know exactly who we are sending you. It is not uncommon for networked companies to send someone to your home who they have never even seen before. Our guys are fast, clean and very experienced.

How long have you been trading?

We have been trading full time since April 2004. The only way we could have kept going this long is because of our experienced and professional staff. For that we are very grateful. By the way, we are the original 020 8226 4777 flatpack assembly company, over the years there have been many copycat companies unable to meet our standards

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